31 Startup Business Model: Best Course for Entrepreneurs

This 31 Startup business model course is specially designed by analyzing more than 500 Startup unicorns and big tech companies worldwide.

What you’ll learn

  • How to a Business model canvas for your startup
  • What is Entrepreneurship
  • How to build Lean startup business model
  • Tech startup business model
  • Types of Startup business model
  • What do you mean by Market place business model
  • How Network effects works in startup
  • How startup solve Chicken and egg problem
  • business model canvas examples
  • Multiples business model canvas examples
  • Understanding Amazon business model
  • How Saas business model works
  • Uber business model and how it makes money with virtuous loop
  • key activities business model canvas
  • shopify business model
  • saas business model
  • business model examples
  • groupon business model


This course is very helpful for Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, Growth hackers, and Management students to build a business model framework for the venture in the future. We will be starting our journey with a basic definition and business model canvas and then switching gears to some advanced topics like network effect, hook and bait kind of business model. The last section of the module will further help you in understanding various strategies used by companies on a large scale.

Module 1 Business Model Basics

  1. Business model definition
  2. Business model canvas
  3. Business model design

Module 2  31 Types of Startup Business Model

1. Subscription Business Model

2. Freemium business model

3.Pay as you go, business model

4. Affiliate business model

5.Two-sided business model

6.Three sided business model

7.Umbrella business model

8. D2C(Direct to Consumer) business model

9.Market Place business model

10.Aggregator business model

11. Ed-tech business model

12.Gatekeeper business model

13. Franchise business model

14.Ecosystem business model

15.Horizontal integrated business model

16.Vertically integrated business model

17.Octopus business model

18.Open source business model

19.Peer to peer, business model,

20.Razorblade business model

21.Space as a service business model

brokerage business model

23.Auction and Revere auction

24.Dark kitchen business model

25. Blockchain business model

26. Dropshipping business model

27. CrowdSource Business Model

28. Hidden revenue business model

29. API Licensing business model

Module 3 Business Model Case study

  1. Amazon Undefeatable Business Model
  2. Shopify –The Power of ecosystem

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs working on startups
  • Marketing students looking for business model
  • MBA students looking for business model
  • Product managers
  • Marketing Managers

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