• August 8, 2022

Five of the best topics to cover as a blogger

Blogging is one of the best professions you can pursue as a freelancer because it can be lucrative while giving you the opportunity to talk about your passion. All you have to do is build a platform and establish your knowledge of what you wish to talk about. 

You can then wait for advertisers to sponsor your content, hire you as an ambassador, or rent a spot ad on your platform. It’s exciting but you will still need to work hard to maintain your status as a credible source of information. Another factor you have to consider is the relevance of the topic because you will have to draw in audiences worldwide. Here are some of the best ideas of topics for bloggers:

Sports and esports

Sports and esports will always have an audience worldwide given how big of an industry they are. There is also an event happening or team decisions being broadcasted that you can cover for blogs every day. You can also decide whether to focus on a specific game or expand to all sports or esports in general like The Blogsmasher features. More niche is better so you can focus on more nuanced stories but having a variety can attract more readers. Just make sure you can satisfy all fans regularly and not take too long to give updates about each league.

Electronic devices

Desktop, laptops, and mobile devices are trending. So many manufacturers compete for the same customers and benefit from similar features introduced by their competitors. New pieces of hardware are also released every month and someone needs to review them once available. You may also showcase some recommendations at least twice a year for specific types of consumers to feature models you really like. Other than computers and cellphones, this can also refer to cameras but you have to be a professional photographer to give the best insight.


Selections of cars, trucks, and bikes are also always expanded. New types of vehicles can be introduced within the year or a new model just focuses on new models of the same series. Either way, there will always be audiences looking for reviews on different vehicles. The most important piece of information is their price ranges which will be the focus of your research most of the time. 


Being a travel blogger can be one of the most challenging platforms to build from 0 subscribers but it’s also the most fun once you get it rolling. Your revenue from ads and sponsorship can be your capital for your next trip and you can treat each adventure as vacation. Be as personal about your insights as you want to because experiences are subjective and readers love authentic opinions.


Getting paid to play video games is a lot of people’s dream job. However, it can be a bit technical. If you wish to blog about video games, then you have to be clear about how you feel about it and why you feel that way. You can make a detailed analysis of the game’s features and how fun they were or just talk about the story. Just focus on one or two aspects and your readers will identify your interest and preferences. 

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