• August 8, 2022

The ins and outs of Instagram marketing

The Blogsmasher: The ins and outs of Instagram marketing

When it comes to the world of online content, people are constantly looking for ways to find an edge over their competitors and promote their own platforms as much as possible. The best way to do this is to establish an online presence and reach out to potential customers as much as possible. 

Nowadays, it’s not always enough to simply have a website. This is why we at The Blogsmasher advise our clients to not just build a website, but an overall online presence as well, particularly on social media. Instagram is one of the largest and most widely used platforms to date, and there are lots of opportunities to discover there. 

You can count on our help to bring your business to Instagram and reap the rewards that it has to offer. It might be difficult the first time around, but we will be here to help you at The Blogsmasher. Take a look at some of the things you can expect when getting into Instagram marketing: 

Creation of an official business account

The first step that needs to be taken when it comes to Instagram marketing is the creation of your business account. This is a completely different Instagram account from the ones that you have for yourself because it purely focuses on your brand. It’s not a good idea to combine business and personal accounts because you don’t want the content to clash. 

After you successfully make a business account, setting it up and adding your official business name, the logo and all sorts of information should be placed there. Make sure that it’s easy to access and looks good from all points of view, even when you add more content to it later on. 

Establishing your online approach 

Before you get to the posting and engaging part of the process, it’s important to consider your goals first. This means thinking about what you want to achieve in the future and how you can reach those goals. Try and list them down and see what steps you can make to slowly move your way towards them. 

If you are having trouble with this step, you can work with other members of your business, your family or even us here at The Blogsmasher! The clearer your goals are, the more motivation you will have to complete them and eventually reach them in the future. 

Considering a theme or aesthetic

Another element you should be considering for your business is a theme. This theme can come in the form of an idea, a colour scheme or even some random items that define what your business is. Allow this to revolve around your account and make it evident to your viewers as well, even if it’s their first time visiting the account. 

The last thing you want for your Instagram account is to be bland or all over the place. You can be organized while being unique at the same time, and this can be done with a specific theme or aesthetic. That way, your readers will know what to expect. 

Account optimization

Optimizing your account and making sure that it looks clean and organized is essential as well. You want the atmosphere to be inviting to your customers, and it will give them the impression that your account is a reflection of how you handle your products or services. 

The more you work on your account, the bigger the chance that it will gain more followers, viewer traffic and rank in search engines. All of these are essential to further promoting the brand and helping you gain more clients. It can be a tedious process at first, but it should all be worth it in the end. 

Create eye-catching content 

Visuals are everything when it comes to social media, especially a platform like Instagram where people see lots of photos and videos. It’s worth knowing that people on social media have a very short attention span, so you want to make the most of your opportunities and get their attention in a few seconds. 

Make eye-catching content and let others know what your brand has to offer and what they can expect if they ever decide to patronize the brand. The more eye-catching it is, the better it will be for your business. 

Making use of engaging text and hashtags 

One of the tools that you can make use of on Instagram is the captions and hashtags. The captions will basically act as a label for all of your content and serve as a brief explanation of your photos and what is going on in the image. Try and keep these texts as short and engaging as possible. 

On the other hand, hashtags will help your posts be found by other people on Instagram. Try and add at least 3 to 5 hashtags and keep it that way. You don’t want to add too much or none at all, so be sure to optimize the use of your captions and hashtags. 

Publishing a continuous flow of content for engagement 

When everything has been settled and your account is set up, the next step is to work on your content. This is a constant state of taking a look at your account and how it’s currently faring with the rest of your audience members. Try to post new photos, videos or stories at least 3 times a week to show what your brand has been up to. 

The more followers you have, the more content you should post. This ensures that you can keep them interested and show how your business is growing. It can also promote transparency and allow your followers to see the behind the scenes action. 

Opening an Instagram online shop

If you are selling specific products, then why not try opening a shop on Instagram? Instead of posting all of your content on the account and waiting for people to visit your website, they can do so instantly on the Instagram platform. 

The shop can be linked to your business account easily and it will hold all of your products, descriptions and more. Customers can also check out and process their payments through the Instagram shop! That way, they never have to leave the platform. 

What exactly is Instagram and how does it work? 

Instagram is a platform that was first released on October 6, 2010, and mainly focuses on the idea of sharing photos and videos. More than a decade later, it has grown significantly and now supports more than 1 billion users, with countless content running through the app regularly. 

When you have an Instagram account, you can post photos or videos on your own and see what your other friends are up to as well. If you have any celebrities or notable people in your life that you want to follow, then you can check out their accounts and posts as well. 

In reality, the possibilities of Instagram are endless! You can chat with people, post stories, highlights and lots of other features to express yourself. People also make use of the Instagram platform to promote their businesses or even themselves. This is why you should consider taking advantage of it and using it to further your online presence. 

We at The Blogsmasher would also like to think that we take advantage of every opportunity we have. Whether you want to post your content on your own website, on Facebook or Instagram, we will be here to help you out.

The importance of marketing for online businesses

The marketing industry holds a lot of potential especially in the world of business. The only way for these businesses to succeed is if they get more customers, and the best way to do this is by reaching out with marketing strategies. Whether it comes in the form of an advertisement or a campaign, it holds a lot of potential for the brand. 

One of the reasons why marketing is so important for an online business is because it sets the tone for the brand. If a particular product or service is marketed well, then that means it has the potential of catching the attention of clients online. This is crucial, especially when shopping online, where people cannot see or personally touch the products. 

Another reason why marketing is so important is that it increases your chance for profit and revenue. The more you market your brand, the more attention it will gain. People will take notice and see that it’s something worth trying. 

Marketing also allows you to be more creative and can serve as a source of inspiration for business owners. Allow your ideas to flow and connect with your customers to promote your brand.]

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