SQLite Databases | Python Programming: (Build App and API )

Learn SQLite Database | Python: Build a database-driven app and API with Python and SQLite.

What you’ll learn

  • Build an app with Python and SQLIte
  • Build an API from scratch
  • Create and activate a virtual environment
  • Create database and table
  • Create application Graphical User Interface -GUI
  • Connect Python application GUI to SQLite Database
  • Perform CRUD Operations from app GUI
  • Query and fetch data from a database table
  • Sort data returned from a database
  • SQLite Operators
  • Add new records into a table
  • Python Variables and Conditional Statements
  • Python Functions and Loops
  • Python Dictionary and Lists


SQLite is a software library that provides a relational database management system. The lite in SQLite means lightweight in terms of setup, database administration, and required resources.  SQLite does NOT require a server to run.

Because of the serverless architecture, you don’t need to “install” SQLite before using it. No server process needs to be configured, started, and stopped. SQLite uses dynamic types for tables. It means you can store any value in any column, regardless of the data type.

SQLite is self-contained means it requires minimal support from the operating system or external library. This makes SQLite usable in any environment especially in embedded devices like iPhones, Android phones, game consoles, handheld media players, etc.

SQLite is capable of creating in-memory databases which are very fast to work with.

SQLite database is integrated with the application that accesses the database. The applications interact with the SQLite database read and write directly from the database files stored on disk.

Python is a dynamic modern object-oriented programming language that is easy to learn and can be used to do a lot of things both big and small. Python is what is referred to as a high-level language. That means it is a language that is closer to humans than computers. It is also known as a general-purpose programming language due to its flexibility.

Python is a popular and versatile programming language. It can be used for web development (server-side) to create web applications, software development, mathematics, system scripting, data science, data visualization. Python can be used alongside software to create workflows. Python can connect to database systems. It can also read and modify files. Python can be used to handle big data and perform complex mathematics. Python can be used for rapid prototyping, or for production-ready software development.

Python works on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc). Python has a simple syntax similar to the English language. Python has a syntax that allows developers to write programs with fewer lines than some other programming languages. Python runs on an interpreter system, meaning that code can be executed as soon as it is written. This means that prototyping can be very quick. Python can be treated procedurally, in n object-oriented way or in a functional way.

In this practical hands-on course, we will build a database-driven application and an API from scratch with SQLite and Python.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to SQLIte Databases
  • Beginners to Python
  • Beginners to API Development

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